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We combine medications and therapy in our services.

Psychiatric Day Treatment Program’s goal is to improve an individual’s social skills as well as their relationships within themselves, their families, and their communities. It also strives to improve a person’s overall functionality. With our wide array of approaches and services, we promote the holistic health of each of our clients.

Pharmacotherapy and Medication Management

Addressing substance abuse involves a mixture of psychotherapy and medication management. Therapy services allow the clients to deal with the emotional and cognitive factors that can affect their substance abuse while medications target hormones to help control a person’s cravings. At Community Therapeutic Center, we address substance abuse disorders through our Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Program and Partial Hospitalization Programs, and their goals are the following:

  • Providing individual relief from withdrawal symptoms
  • Preventing relapse and cravings
  • Reducing public risks from the use of illicit drugs or injections
  • Improving the understanding of the possible psychopathology that may contribute to the clients’ substance use disorder
  • Promoting the treatment of other health issues connected with the substance abuse
Groups Conducted in Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Psychiatric Day Treatment Program:
  • Psychoeducational programming
  • Treatment engagement
  • Early recovery
  • Maintenance and continuing care
  • Skills-development groups
  • Interpersonal process groups

If you have further inquiries about our services, please contact us at 240-764-5133 or you may set an appointment now for a comprehensive assessment of your needs.