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To provide comprehensive, patient-centered affordable, and compassionate mental health services for all individuals – ultimately achieving a happier, healthier, and more optimal quality of life.


Promoting a safe and healthy community where individuals with mental health difficulties can recover, develop positive lifestyles, and live a full and happier life within the community.

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Community Therapeutic Center is a privately owned and operated Maryland based mental health service provider for adults and children. Our services are rooted in the main goal of guiding individuals in dealing with their psychosocial issues. Our approach to treatment is holistic and strength-based,focusing more on the strengths of the individual and promoting them to support in dealing with their issues. We understand the importance of collaboration, and thus, we treat our clients as our partners in their treatment sessions.

Before we offer our clients with treatments, we first want to make sure that we understand the nature of their issues. For this reason, we let them undergo assessments that may involve interviews and batteries of tests, among others, which will then be used in creating their personalized treatment plans. Our mental health professionals are licensed and well-trained in different psychological disciplines and do their best in guiding clients toward self-understanding, acceptance, and resolving psychosocial conflicts.

If you have further inquiries about our services, please contact us at 240-764-5133 or you may set an appointment now for a comprehensive assessment of your needs.